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Now you see me

I absouletly loved this movie, had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, if you like thrillers and or magic you will love this movie. Words cannot describe how i must of looked with my mouth open the enitre movie, it goes from epic to epic to whole mother of epic.

i am going to go out on a limb here and see now you see me is a must see. The acting is brilliant but then frankly it is morgan freeman, micheal caine and mark ruffalo so i have no idea why i was suprised i found the acting good, but i did.

Im deliberately keeping in short to avoid accidently opening my mouth  and letting something slip out because i fear it would be all to easy haha! Go and watch it and see for yourself

Rocky horror picture show

Oh wow it was epic and awesome and accurate the voices where spot on and so where the customues what brilliant actors and i loved how the auidence got involved and shouted things out. (Some very rude but very funny things) and how the narrarter took the punches and roled with it. My friend is sure it was staged but i think it was real i dunno what do you all think? I think they where just devotees following the show around so the narrater knew what was coming and worked with it.  Ethir way its the only time i have ever been to a stage show and people shouted out things.

having said that its the only show where the entire audience got up including me and my friends to do the time warp, Too put it frankly the show was epic.

I must say while a lot of things about me drive me crazy about the place i live, i do love fairfield halls they really do put on some class shows for cheap money.

I had heard bad things about the show and the actors but i did not find anything wrong with it not a word out of place. The set, the customes, the Music all perfect.

If you like the movie but until know have never seen the show you must go its as simple as that. The show i believe is touring for its 40th anniversary and i believe it is coming to London, so dont miss out!

West End Men in concert

I loved this show so much and i think others who like music and musicals should also go therefore i am writting out the blog now, rather than promising to later like i usually do.

It is amazing the sound of the voices of those four guys and Kerry Ellis, they can really sing out there in front of you and they can harmoize perfectly each voice and person brings something different to the show, and the first half and the second half could not be more different from each other it was like watching two amazing shows, the first full of power ballards sung perfectly a crazy mix of old and new songs that mixed in a completely unique and fabulous way.

Then there was banter in the second half a little bit more of a laid back attitude but that did not effect how amazing and pure the boys voices where followed by Kerry Ellis and if there was any roof remaining at the point which im not sure there was it was gone for sure by the time she sang her solo. 

The set was so basic and minimilistic i was thinking really thats the stage but it didnt need anything else it was pure.

Also omg wow seriously only four guys provided the music most of them playing two or three instruments right there on stage, and my goodness if they are not seriously epically taleneted out of this world musicains including Will Stuart on the piano who also seemed to be a conductor but wow, so talented.

Also the choir were brilliant all in tune and not a weak link in the chain, and even though they where only on stage for 1/5th of the show if that they really shined.

I think what made the show shine was that everyone there wanted to be there and they loved what they where doing they really really got into it esp Stephen Rhamen-Hughes, whose stage presence and charisma i have never seen the likes of before even if he hadnt opened his mouth he would have been brilliant and when he sang i was lost for words.

David Thaxton proberbly had the most impressive voice (although it is a difficult choice) of the four even though i have never expirenced this guy before i now want to listen to him over and over again the notes which that man can hit and his vocal range, i just found my jaw constantly dropping when he sang.

Matt Willis formerly one thrid of busted when i saw him in the line up i was like from busted really will he be able to sing since all records are like edited and produced when singers sing live sometimes i am disappointed, however i was not in anyway shape or form disappointed. This guy has energy he can sing brilliantly and all while dancing, and running around stage a sight not to be missed i can tell you, it was impossible not to smile when this guy is perfoming.

Then of course there is lee mead the man i came to see the winner of any dream will do and he has come a long way since enterting the programme his voice is still raw and new though dispite his five years expirence on west end, its still a joy to listen to and with his curly hair and lovableness you can see the others doing there best to please him and of course his voice is sweetness itself, angelic even i could listen to it all day.

So there you have it each of the four guys have something different to bring in what can only be described as one of the most unique events i have ever seen at the threatre no gimmicks stripped back to the bone so you can concentrate on how amazing each and every person on that stage is. Sure the music was a very ecclectic mix but all the better in my opinion, no one wants to hear the same old songs all the time, so they spiced it up with new ones and put a new twang on the classics and boy it worked. I loved every miniute of it.

Even more worth it since i got out tickets from group on and i got the most expensive seats in the house three rows from the front with perfect views for only £23 a ticket which was so worth it. If your in london or want to see something but do not know what to see and like musicals, it would be well worth a watch.

Climbing the ladder at work - woo i got a promotion.

In my humble opinion there is nothing like progressing in your job, and its all about confidence, if you think you can do something let your boss and your collegues know you could do it, do not let yourself stagnate in your job, dont think i will just keep doing what im doing and someone will notice how amazing i am.

tell them your amazing and show them and promotion wont be far off, as long as you know you can do a job and you can provide evidence there is no reason for you to stay where you are, and if your boss after you mentioned you wanna move up disagrees or doesnt appricate you maybe ya need to move on.

But remember never quit one job till you have another lined up, keep moving up that ladder make those cvs look good coz sitting at the same job for 10 years doing the same thing doesnt make you look good.

Visiting the inside of the UK parliament.

I do honestly intend to write these out in full.. eventually.. but yeah long story short go on a sat 16.50 for a tour, not well advised which is a shame becuase it was amazing, walking on all that history and its good to learn a little about our country!

sometimes i forget we have history too why is it that on holiday im like musems castles etc must goo squeezing as much into as little time as possible but when im back here in my own country in England i forgot about all the amazing, interesting, historical, beautiful places that we have to visit!

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